Crispin Brittlebach

Ex freedom fighter turned dictator. After Euroasia was liberated in the 2 day war - Cmdr Brittlebach betrayed the Allies and led a counter revolution to return the region back into a dictatorship.

This is a highly detailed collage - as with most of my works they are finished off with vector illustration on top.

I have chosen the finest art papers for my giclee prints - Silk 310gsm Hahnemuhle being my media of choice. In doing so, I have ensured the highest quality possible for your purchase.

There are three sizes available A2, A3 and A4 - a £4 shipping fee will be added at checkout.

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Crispin Brittlebach
square mock up_0005_Raid
square mock up_0000_Watertower
square mock up_0008_Carsten
square mock up_0004_Rocket
square mock up_0006_Jukebox-Jack
square mock up_0003_Slideface
square mock up_0001_Teletex
square mock up_0002_Sophia

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