The characters formed part of a dystopian narrative set to an original musical score and performed in a circular space that enclosed an audience.

The interior of the space had been projection mapped from top to bottom, for a fully immersive show. Nobody was to be allowed leave for the entirety of the 20 minute show, which had a rather dark ending that the audience had to witness… Clockwork Orange esq (without horrific torturous eyewear, brain washing and I’m sure you could go to the toilet if you wanted!)

Alas, as we entered into pandemic mayhem the project was iced, like all performing arts. However, I am pleased to say that through real creative energy the performance is now being adapted for livestream with some very innovative additions!

The narrative has changed to a more positive one, which is great because who needs more darkness right now? So expect these characters to be wearing feather bowers and doing the can-can in the near future.

new robot
new robot2a5
new robot6
Untitled-2_0003_Layer 3
Untitled-2_0002_Layer 4
Untitled-1_0000_Layer 8
Untitled-1_0003_Layer 3
Untitled-2_0001_Layer 5
Untitled-2_0000_Layer 6
Insta bot_0004_Layer 4
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