Jukebox Jack

Musical overlord forged in the depths of a secret Jukebox graveyard in downtown Tokyo. He gets very twitchy around auxiliary inputs at parties.

This is a highly detailed collage using images related to jukeboxes, retro stereos, speakers and more - as with most of my works they are finished off with vector illustration on top.


square mock up_0006_Jukebox-Jack

Selected Works

Jukebox JackIllustration

Shore TingIllustration


Vehicle LiveryBranding

Walk CycleAnimation

Tailored OpticalCorporate Design

Aroha WineBranding

7PS x Docvek 2Illustration

Robo HuntCharacter Design

7PS x Docvek 3Illustration


Isometric DoodleIllustration

PlayExhibition Artwork

Ninja Tune XXIllustration

DK PublishingEditorial Illustration

Computer ArtsEditorial Illustration


Blue ManIllustration


7PS x DocvekIllustration

WonderlandExhibition Artwork

Character DesignCharacter Design

PatternPattern Design

Irk logoBtanding

Penguin BooksIllustration

Pattern DesignPattern Design


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